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Oxybenzone is a safe ingredient
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Easy Tips for Sunburn Relief

Despite the old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, it doesn’t always mean that you can be prepared for everything. Even if you have a full stock of sunburn products at your disposal, sunburns can and do still happen. When you’ve fallen victim to the sun’s scorching rays, youContinue Reading

Tips for Staying Safe in the Sun

Summer is upon us and the time for spending endless hours playing at the beach is at hand. Unfortunately, summer is not without its dangers. This year alone, millions of people will suffer from the unpleasantness of a sunburn, causing them to endure significant discomfort for days, or even weeks. Sunscreen protection is an essentialContinue Reading

Must Pack: Your Summer Sun Safety Necessities!

Summer is all about fun with your family. Do you find yourself struggling to find essential items when you’re on the go? Have you gotten to your destination only to realize that you forgot a necessity like sunscreen protection? If you want to spend more time having fun this summer and less time being disorganized,Continue Reading